# Recipes

# Overview

Recipes allow you to save common Bash scripts and run them across any of your servers. For example, you could save a recipe to install MongoDB so you can conveniently run it on future servers. The output of the recipe will be e-mailed to you.

# Creating Recipes

You can create your own recipe from the Recipes page. When creating a new recipe you will be asked to supply:

  • Name of the recipe
  • User to run the script as (root or forge)
  • Script contents

# Variables

Forge provides a few variables that can be used to make your recipe more dynamic:

  • {{server_id}} - The ID of the server that the recipe is running on
  • {{ip_address}} - The public IP address of the server.
  • {{private_ip_address}} - The private IP address of the server.
  • {{username}} - The server user who is running the script.

When used in a recipe, variables must exactly match the syntax shown above.

# Managing Recipes

Your existing recipes will be listed on the Recipes page, which is where you can edit, run and delete them.

# Running Recipes

When running a recipe, you will be presented with options that allow you to have the output of the recipe emailed to you and allow you configure which servers the recipe will run on.