# Cookbook

# Droplet Limit Exceeded

This error is returned by DigitalOcean when you have reached a limit on how many droplets you can create.

You can ask DigitalOcean to increase your droplet limit by contacting their support. Once they have increased your limit, you may create servers in Forge.

# Increasing Max Execution Time

To increase the maximum execution time of your scripts you need to update the max_execution_time directive in your php.ini file. The php.ini file is located at /etc/php/7.3/fpm/php.ini.

In addition, you will need to update the fastcgi_read_timeout directive in the /etc/nginx/nginx.conf file to match the value provided for the max_execution_time configuration option you just updated.

Use The Right PHP Version

When editing the PHP files, be sure to edit the correct file under the PHP version you're using to serve your applications.

# Restarting PHP FPM

When configuring your server, Forge configures FPM so that it can be restarted without using your server's "sudo" password. To do so, you should issue the following command. Of course, you should adjust the PHP version to match the version of PHP installed on your machine:

echo "" | sudo -S service php7.3-fpm reload

# Resetting The Sudo Password

Forge does not store the sudo password and is therefore unable to reset it for you. To reset the password, you'll need to contact your server provider or use the sudo password reset facilities on the server provider's dashboard.

Once the password has been reset, Forge will be unable to SSH into your machine as root. This prevents you from editing PHP / Nginx configuration files from the Forge UI, and will also prevent various Forge functionality from working correctly. Before Forge can access your server, you will need to SSH into your Forge server as forge and reset the root users password:

ssh [email protected]
sudo -i

# Upgrading Node.js

The latest version of Node.js is installed by Forge when it is provisioning a new server. However, as your server ages, you may wish to upgrade the version of Node.js:

sudo apt-get install --only-upgrade nodejs

# AWS provisioned servers are disappearing from the Forge UI

To avoid this behaviour when provisioning servers in the Forge UI, select Create New in the VPC dropdown option. This will ensure that Forge will automatically create and configure the VPC and Security Group needed for continuous access from the Forge UI.

Alternatively, if you want to use any existing VPC, ensure that the VPC has IPv4 address range (IPv4 CIDR block) that covers your EC2 instance private IP addresses, as well as a Security Group associated with that VPC.

The Security Group needs to have these Inbound Rules:

For TCP Connections:

Type: All TCP
Protocol: TCP
Port range: 0 - 65535

For UDP Connections:

Type: All UDP
Protocol: UDP
Port range: 0 - 65535