# Scheduler

# Scheduled Jobs

Scheduled jobs may be configured to run commands at a specified interval. Forge provides several common defaults, or you may enter a custom Cron schedule for a command.

You can create scheduled jobs through the Forge dashboard via the Schedule tab for the server's management dashboard. When creating a new scheduled job, you'll need to provide:

  • The command to run, for example php /home/forge/default/artisan schedule:run.
  • The user to run the command as, for example forge.
  • The frequency to run the command at.

Scheduled Job Not Running?

If your scheduled job is not running, you should ensure that the path to the command is correct.

# Laravel Scheduled Jobs

If you have deployed a Laravel application and are using Laravel's scheduler feature, you will need to create a scheduled job to run the Laravel schedule:run Artisan command. This job should be configured to execute every minute.

# Default Scheduled Jobs

As part of the provisioning process, Forge will automatically configure two scheduled jobs:

  • composer self-update (Nightly)
  • Ubuntu package cleanup (Weekly)

# Circle Permissions

You may grant a circle member authority to create and manage scheduled jobs by granting the server:create-schedulers and server:delete-schedulers permissions.