# Tags

# Overview

You can tag your servers and sites so that you can manage them easier, for example you could separate your production and staging environments. The same tags can be used for both servers and sites.

# Managing Tags

# Tagging Servers

Servers can be tagged through the Meta tab and under the Server Meta section.

# Tagging Sites

Sites can be tagged through the Meta tab and under the Tags section.

# Deleting Tags

You may delete tags and their associations from the Tags page under My Account.

# Searching For Tags

There are two ways that tags can be searched:

  1. The search bar
  2. The Active Servers list

Click into the search bar and type the name of the tag. Any servers or sites that exactly match the tag will be listed in the results dropdown.

# From The Active Servers List

The Active Servers list provides a few different methods of filtering:

  • All Servers - The default view that shows all circles that your user is able to see
  • Owned Servers - Shows all servers that your account owns
  • Circles - Each of your circles will be listed under Owned Servers and will filter to show servers in that circle
  • Tags - Each tag that you have created will be listed and will filter down servers matching that tag