# Source Control

# Supported Providers

Forge currently supports:

  • GitHub
  • GitLab
  • Bitbucket
  • Custom

# Using A Custom Git Provider

If your Git Provider is not a first-party provider, then you may use the Custom option when installing your repository.

  1. Choose the Custom option.
  2. Add the generated SSH key to your source control provider.
  3. Provide the full repository path i.e. [email protected]:user/repository.git

# Provider Management

# Connecting Providers

You can connect to any of the supported source control providers at any time through the "Source Control" page in the account dashboard.

# Unlinking Providers

You may remove a connected source control provider by clicking the Unlink button next to a provider.


If you unlink a source control provider, you will be unable to deploy sites that depend on it in the future.

Existing deployments will be unaffected.

# Refreshing Tokens

You can refresh the access token that Forge uses at any time by clicking the Refresh Token button.