# Circles

# Overview

Forge circles allow you to collaborate with team members that may manage servers and sites on your behalf. You can create as many circles as you would like and add as many team members as needed to each circle.

Business Plan Only

Circles are only available on the Business plan.

# Creating Circles

You may create a circle via the Forge circle dashboard (opens new window). Once the circle has been created, you may manage it by clicking the edit button next to the circle's name. This will open a modal window that provides several features.

First, you are able to invite collaborators to the circle. If the email address provided doesn't match an existing Forge account, the user will be invited to create an account. The invited user may accept the invite from the same email.

Next, you may add servers to the circle. Anyone within the circle will be able to manage the selected servers.

Finally, you may attach server provider credentials to the circle. This allows you to grant circle members the ability to create new servers on that provider on your behalf.

# Deleting Circles

You can delete circles via the Forge circle dashboard (opens new window) by clicking the delete button next to the circle's name. You will be asked to confirm the deletion before it is actually deleted.

# Renaming Circles

Currently, circles may not be renamed from the Forge dashboard, but you can delete the circle and re-create it or contact Forge support.