Aikido provides security scanning for repositories. Forge has partnered with Aikido to allow for a seamless integration with your Forge sites.

Connect with Aikido

Before you can use Aikido with Forge, you must connect your Forge account to an Aikido account. To do this, visit the Aikido panel in the Forge dashboard.

Clicking "Connect Aikido" will allow you to connect your Forge account to an Aikido account.

Multiple Aikido Workspaces

You can connect multiple Aikido workspaces to a single Forge account, each representing a different organization or group in your source control provider. This can be managed from the Aikido panel within Forge.

Viewing Aikido Findings

When viewing a site in the Forge dashboard, the top security findings will be displayed on the Aikido tab.

Screenshot showing the top security findings

Custom Git Integration

The Aikido integration is only supported for GitHub, GitLab, GitLab Self-Hosted, and Bitbucket.