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Provision and deploy unlimited PHP applications on DigitalOcean, Akamai, Vultr, Amazon, Hetzner and more.

Overview of Forge's UI

Forge is already making life easier for
651,972 applications

Cutting Edge

We install Nginx, PHP, MySQL, Postgres, Redis, and all of the other goodies you need on the cloud of your choice. No more out-dated PHP installations.

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Laravel, Integrated

Forge is built by the creators of the Laravel Framework and makes deploying your Laravel application a delight.

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Push To Deploy

Deploying code couldn't be any easier. Just push to master on your GitHub, Bitbucket, or custom Git repository. We'll handle it from there.

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Free TLS Certificates

Forge integrates with LetsEncrypt, allowing you to obtain free TLS (SSL) certificates for your Forge powered applications.

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Using our Business plan you may instantly share your server's management dashboard with your co-workers.

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Dead Simple Queues

Easily start and manage supervised Laravel Queue workers directly from Forge. No more manual Supervisor configuration.

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Secure By Default

All Forge servers require SSH key authentication and your firewall comes configured out of the box. Security updates are installed automatically.

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Database Backups

Our Business plan customers may safely and securely backup your MySQL or Postgres databases to AWS S3 or DigitalOcean Spaces.

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Powerful API

You can manage your servers programmatically using our robust API, which provides access to the vast majority of Forge features.

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User Isolation

Run each of the sites on your servers as a separate, secure user, preventing compromised applications from accessing other sites on the server.

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Task Scheduling

Schedule any recurring tasks that need to run on your server. Use convenient predefined schedules or customize them with cron expressions.

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Server Monitoring

Quickly monitor your server's CPU, disk space and average load. Plus, we will notify you of server health changes in real-time.

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Log File Access

Scan through your application, server, and site logs with the click of a button - directly from Forge.

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Seamless Envoyer Integration

Laravel Forge offers zero downtime deployments, thanks to a seamless integration with Envoyer.

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Loved by thousands of developers. This is what people are saying about Laravel Forge.

Picture of Caleb Porzio
Caleb PorzioCreator of Livewire and Alpine.js
Everything I build goes on Forge. Makes server management too easy 👌 ❤️
Picture of Sam Carré
Sam CarréHead of Engineering at Code Potato
Forge takes the hard work out of provisioning and setting up servers. It helps us ship code faster and worry less about deploying and managing servers.
Picture of Eric Barnes
Eric BarnesContent Curator at Laravel News
Never before has launching new servers been this easy.
Picture of Freek van der Herten
Freek van der HertenPHP Developer at Spatie
Forge is a game changer in server management. It gave us the confidence to move from crappy shared hosting to reliable, quality servers. Using Forge feels like having a server specialist in our team. Proud to be a day-one customer! 👍
Picture of Simon Bennett
Simon BennettFounder of SnapShooter
I always recommend that people use Forge to host Laravel and other PHP frameworks, like Craft CMS or WordPress. There is no other way to get set up quickly as with Forge. They have thought of everything!
Picture of Marcel Pociot
Marcel PociotCo-founder of Beyond Code
Laravel Forge has saved us hundreds of hours of precious development time and I couldn’t imagine running our business without it.
Picture of Beau Simensen
Beau SimensenSoftware Developer at dflydev
Forge helps me focus on writing software instead of writing and maintaining deployment solutions.
Picture of Brad Kilshaw
Brad KilshawDeveloper
Forge has been instrumental to our success by allowing us to stay focused on what we're good at; development. Being able to quickly and reliably spin up either single or multi-server environments in minutes without ever having to directly interact with a server is a huge win.
Picture of Taylor Maguire
Taylor MaguireDeveloper
I would not want to manage servers and deployments any other way again. Laravel Forge just works.
Picture of Mikkel Lindblom
Mikkel LindblomCo-Founder and CTO of Moxso
The feature rich deployment tool you need for every day operations. Worth every penny 🤟
Picture of Alex Garrett-Smith
Alex Garrett-SmithFounder of Codecourse
I've used Forge since its launch, and I've honestly never thought about switching anywhere else.
Picture of Patrick Brouwers
Patrick BrouwersDeveloper at SpartnerNL
Using Forge is an absolute no brainer. It has every thing a Laravel dev needs to host their applications!
Picture of Alejandro Zepeda
Alejandro ZepedaFounder of
I always struggled setting up Nginx, PHP-FPM, SSL, and spinning up new servers, and wasting valuable time doing this instead of building my sites. With Forge, I just press some buttons, and voila! it's done! I manage servers for more than 10+ projects without any pain.
Picture of Seba Pastore
Seba PastoreSoftware Developer
Been using Forge for almost 2 years. I just wonder why I didn't start earlier.

Affordable plans for every developer


$12 / month
The essentials to provide your best work for clients.
One Server
Unlimited Sites
Unlimited Deployments
Push To Deploy
Basic Support
Share Servers With Teammates
Database Backups
Server Metric Monitoring


$19 / month
A plan that scales with your rapidly growing business.
Unlimited Servers
Unlimited Sites
Unlimited Deployments
Push To Deploy
Basic Support
Share Servers With Teammates
Database Backups
Server Metric Monitoring


$39 / month
Dedicated support and infrastructure for your company.
Unlimited Servers
Unlimited Sites
Unlimited Deployments
Push To Deploy
Priority Support
Share Servers With Teammates
Database Backups
Server Metric Monitoring
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All prices are in USD. Server provider costs not included.

Deploy your application in minutes

Forge links to your account on one of our supported cloud providers. Or, you can even provision a VPS on the custom provider of your choice.

Picture showing some of Laravel Forge's supported cloud providers

We know there is no one size fits all

Forge can provision a multitude of server types. Whether you are looking for a single server that can do it all or need to scale your infrastructure to an array of networked servers, Forge can do it all.

Application Servers

The kitchen sink! Everything you need to deploy a Laravel / PHP application within a single server.

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Web Servers

Web servers are servers built to handle your PHP application's incoming HTTP traffic.

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Worker Servers

Worker servers function as dedicated PHP queue workers for your application.

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Database Servers

Dedicated MySQL / MariaDB / Postgres servers to help you grow and scale your application.

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Cache Servers

Cache servers host Redis or Memcached instances that you can scale independently.

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Meilisearch Server

Is your application search heavy? Spin up a dedicated Meilisearch server instance.

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Load Balancers

Handle more traffic by provisiong load balancers to distribute web traffic across your servers.

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But wait, there's more...

Two-Factor Authentication

Keep yourself secure and (optionally) setup two-factor authentication on your user account.

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Per Site PHP Versions

Want to run multiple apps on a server? Easy! Forge allows you to choose the PHP version per application.

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Composer Package Authentication

We love Composer, so we've made it first class by allowing you to manage your Composer authentication credentials (auth.json).

Redirect Management

Maintaining your web server redirects could not be easier. You no longer need to fiddle around with config files!

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Blackfire APM Integration Ready

Every Forge server comes ready to integrate with your application performance monitoring account.

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Papertrail Log Aggregation Ready

If you enjoy logging as much as we do, you'll be happy to know that Forge servers are also ready to integrate with your Papertrail account.

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Scriptable Deployments

Forge offers a sensible default deployment script for your applications, but gives you full power to customize and make it your own.

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Daemon Management

Apart from our first-class Laravel queue worker support, we also allow you to manage any generic Daemons for your web app.

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Expert Support

Our support team are always just a few clicks away and ready to help with our shared expertise in server management, PHP, and web apps.

...and that isn't all. Start a free trial and see what else Forge has to offer.
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