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Forge is built by the creators of the Laravel Framework and makes deploying your Laravel application a delight.
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Easy Setup

We sweat the smallest of details to ensure Forge is the easiest, and best way, for new and existing Laravel applications to be deployed.

PHP, Configured For Production

Forge preconfigures your server with a production ready PHP setup. Of course, we also install and configure all of Laravel's required PHP extensions, so you don't have to.

Environment Control. Built In.

Easily view, edit, and maintain your Laravel applications environment variables with Forge's built in .env file editor.

Queue Workers, Set To Overdrive

Take ultimate control of your queue workers with a comprehensive configuration panel. Need a dedicated queue worker server? Forge is ready to provision dedicated queue workers designed for Laravel apps.

Laravel, Integrated

Forge deeply integrates with Laravel's ecosystem of packages. Horizon, Inertia, Octane, Reverb and Schedulers are just a click away.

Trusted by the Laravel Community

We know Forge is the best way to deploy Laravel applications, but you don't need to take our word for it...
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The feature rich deployment tool you need for every day operations. Worth every penny 🤟
Mikkel Lindblom
Co-Founder and CTO of Moxso

And Much More

Check out more of Forge's awesome features, browse our generous pricing plans, or dive right in and deploy you application today.

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