Painless PHP Servers

Provision and deploy unlimited PHP applications on DigitalOcean, Linode, & AWS.

$15 / Month for Individuals $30 / Month for Teams Forge interface

All the features you've been looking for. And then some.

The Latest Goodies

We install Nginx, PHP 7, MySQL, Postgres, Redis, Memcached, and all of the other goodies you need on the cloud of your choice.

Push To Deploy

Deploying code couldn't be any easier. Just push to master on your GitHub, Bitbucket, or custom Git repository.

Easy Load Balancing

Create and manage Nginx load balancing servers. Simple point-and-click interface to distribute traffic to your application servers.

Collaborate With Your Team

Using our Plus plan you may instantly share your server's management dashboard with your co-workers.

Dead Simple Queues

Easily start and manage supervised Laravel Queue workers directly from Forge. No more manual Supervisor configuration.

Safe & Secure

All Forge servers require SSH key authentication and your firewall comes configured out of the box.

See All The Features

You don't have to take our word for it.

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