Forge Features

Painless server management.

We’ve taken all the work out of provisioning and managing cloud servers so you can focus on the things you do best: building awesome PHP applications and websites.

We don’t discriminate: Laravel, Symfony, WordPress, Statamic, Craft and any other PHP application can easily be installed on a Forge server.

Numerous Cloud Providers

Choose between AWS, Digital Ocean, Linode, or even your own custom VPS. These are your servers, we just make it easy like Sunday morning.

SSL Certificate Management

Dealing with SSL certificates can ruin your day. Forge’s control panel is so easy you'll almost look forward to configuring SSL.

Site / Sub-Domain Management

Easily configure unlimited domains, sub-domains, and even wild-card subdomains with Forge's simple control panel. Create one site or a hundred on your server.

Manage Queue Workers

If you’re using queues and workers in your application, you’ll jump for joy. Forge configures Supervisor so your workers will run forever.

Cron Jobs Made Simple

Easily configure commands to run every minute, hour, day, month, or on your own custom schedule. Forge's scheduler works great with the powerful Laravel scheduler.

Load Balancing

Create and manage Nginx load balancing servers. Simple point-and-click interface to distribute traffic to your other application servers. You'll be amazed.

Horizontal Scaling

The Forge control panel provides a simple interface for configuring private networks. Easily grant your application servers access to your cache or database servers.

Up-To-Date Server Configuration

Take advantage of Ubuntu 18.04 LTS and our tailored server configurations, complete with Nginx, PHP 7, MySQL, Postgres, Redis, Memcached, and automated security updates.

Tools to empower your team

A good server and hosting solution wouldn’t be complete without a customizable and flexible workflow that integrates with your team’s flow. Forge makes it easy to add and remove access for employees and contractors and keep your team in the loop with event notifications.

Push to Deploy

It doesn’t get any easier to deploy than this. Specify which Git branch you want Forge to watch and we'll deploy your code as soon as you push to your repository.

SSH Key Management

Easily add and remove SSH keys for team members and contractors across your servers. Forge keeps you organized, safe, and secure.

Deployment Notifications

Forge can send notifications to Slack or HipChat to let your team know how the latest deployment went. Be the first to hear of a problem and quickly deploy patches.

Custom Deployment Scripts

Need your deployment process to do a little extra work for you? No problem, you can fully customize your deployment script for total control.

Deploy your application in minutes.

Forge links to your account on one of our supported cloud providers. Or, you can even provision a VPS on the custom provider of your choice.

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